2013 Responsible Care® Program Enhancements

Responsible Care is the chemical industry’s world-class environmental, health, safety and security performance initiative. It’s our commitment to doing more, and doing better.
The American Chemistry Council (ACC) is implementing a set of enhancements to Responsible Care, to strengthen the program and keep pace with 21st century performance expectations. These program enhancements were developed with one overriding principle in mind: to enhance the performance and credibility of the chemical industry through Responsible Care.

By building and growing a stronger Responsible Care, ACC member companies are playing a vital part to ensure that the business of chemical is safe, secure and sustainable.

A summary of the Responsible Care program enhancements follows:

Safe Management and Use of Chemicals:

The products of chemistry are at the heart of making our lives healthier and safer. But as valuable as these products are, they must also be used responsibly. The new Responsible Care Product Safety Code drives continuous improvement in chemical product safety. It includes a set of 11 mandatory practices that require chemical manufacturers to:

  • Evaluate, demonstrate and continuously improve product safety performance.
  • Gather and communicate chemical safety information along the value chain.
  • Make information about chemical products available to the public.

Safe Operations through the Manufacturing Process:

ACC Responsible Care companies are committed to the safe operation of their chemical processes. The Process Safety Code sets forth industry’s commitment to a culture of process safety throughout their operations, management systems and leadership organizations. The Process Safety Code:

  • Strengthens core concepts such as leadership, accountability, and culture to drive overall process safety performance improvement.
  • Encourages companies to identify and prioritize the hazards and risks of their processes.
  • Promotes systems to manage, mitigate and share information about identified risks.

Promoting Energy Efficiency and Materials Reuse and Recycling:

Additional enhancements to Responsible Care induce companies to consider operational energy efficiency and waste minimization, reuse and recycling issues when setting their environmental, health, safety and security performance priorities.


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