Accountability & Impacts

Accountability & Impacts

Responsible Care® means ACC members go above and beyond regulatory requirements to measure, manage and publicly report our environmental, health, safety and security (EHS&S) performance.

We invite you to track our progress. By transparently reporting our performance, ACC members hold ourselves accountable – to our customers, our communities and our employees.

Responsible Care Companies Have:

  • An employee safety record that is nearly five times better than the average of the U.S. manufacturing sector as a whole, and almost three times better than the business of chemistry overall.  » Learn more
  • Reduced process safety incidents by 6 percent since 2010 and 48 percent since 2000.  » Learn more
  • Reduced hazardous air pollutant releases by 24 percent since 2010.  » Learn more
  • Reduced recordable injury and illness incidence rates by 22 percent since 2010, making significant progress toward the overall industry goal of no accidents, injuries or harm to human health.  » Learn more
  • Reduced GHG intensity by over 24 percent and improved energy efficiency by 19 percent (based on a representative sample of membership)» Learn more

Responsible Care requires ACC member and Responsible Care Partner companies to publicly report performance data in the following areas:

  • Environmental metrics, including hazardous air pollutants released, SOx and NOx emissions and water use at our facilities.
  • Energy impacts, including the energy efficiency of our facilities and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.
  • Worker and facility safety, including the number and severity of facility safety incidents, transportation and incidents and worker injury or illness.

Management Systems and Certification

ACC members drive their performance through established goals and adherence to policies, procedures and practices developed to improve performance over time. Together, this is called a management system.

The Responsible Care Management System® is based on effective, proven practices used by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and provides a set of required elements to help companies assess impacts, set performance goals, develop internal processes to drive performance and share progress with the public.

The Responsible Care management system follows a Policy-Plan-Do-Check-Act model.

Plan Do Act Check

All ACC members undergo certification audits at both headquarters and facilities to verify that a robust, effective management system is in place. Independent, accredited third-party auditors conduct these audits, which occur every three years at headquarters and multiple facility locations.

ACC recognizes Ethyl Corp. as 2021 Responsible Care® Company of the Year

ACC Congratulates Ethyl Corporation, Responsible Care Company of the Year for the seventh time in the past 10 years, for excellence in environmental, health, safety and security performance.

Product Safety Code

The Responsible Care® Product Safety Code was  developed by ACC and its member companies based on industry best practices to drive continuous improvement in chemical product safety.

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