Certification Process

The Responsible Care Certification Process provides industry stakeholders with assurance that ACC member and Responsible Care Partner companies are conforming to the initiative’s requirements. Companies’ management systems are audited by independent, third-party auditors.  Auditing firms that participate in this process are monitored by national accreditation bodies, and individual auditors must meet specific experience and training criteria before entering the field. 

Companies may be audited against one of two management systems models, RCMS® or RC14001®, which cover all aspects of a chemical company’s operations, including environmental protection, employee health and safety, security, product safety and product stewardship, transportation safety, emergency response planning and stakeholder dialogue.  Audit criteria and requirements for all participants in the process (companies, auditing firms, individual auditors and auditor training course providers), can be found in ACC’s certification procedure documents (RC200 series).  

Adherence to criteria and requirements found in these documents ensure that Responsible Care audits are conducted consistently and credibly, regardless of the firm conducting the audit or the company being audited.

ACC’s Responsible Care Certification Procedure Documents:

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