Chemical Safety

Chemical Safety

Chemistry plays an essential role in thousands of products and technologies we use every day, from vital ingredients in consumer products to raw materials in manufacturing processes.

Responsible Care® is the chemical industry’s commitment to using and managing these essential materials safely and responsibly.

While more than a dozen federal laws regulate the safe use of chemicals, Responsible Care means that ACC members go above and beyond these requirements. ACC members adhere to the Responsible Care Product Safety Code, a comprehensive set of practices and procedures to safely manage the products they manufacture.

To meet this commitment, ACC member companies must:

  • Assess the public health and environmental impacts of all our chemical products and how consumers will use them. This means developing a system that records information on a chemical’s potential hazard, the degree to which a person may be exposed to a chemical in a product, the possible effects of any exposures, as well as any environmental impacts, and then manage them to safe levels.
  • Identify and evaluate new information that may impact product safety. For example, ACC members implement systems to trigger a review if a chemical material is used in a new application, or by a new customer, or in a larger than typical amount.
  • Adjust and modify chemical formulations based on the latest scientific findings to address product safety, environmental or efficacy issues that may arise.
  • Provide plain-language information about chemicals so consumers can make informed decisions about the products they purchase. This information can include the types of consumer goods where the chemical is used, the function of the chemical in the product and the performance benefits it provides, as well as information on its physical properties and potential health effects.
  • Screen prospective customers for their ability to properly store, process and use chemical materials, and check in regularly to address any unsafe practices.

Chemical product safety along the supply chain

The chemical manufacturing industry, along with product manufacturers, brands and retailers, all play a distinct and essential role in product safety. Under Responsible Care, ACC members must understand how product manufacturers will use chemical materials, and provide specific guidance and instruction on how to handle chemicals safely, as well as appropriate uses.

This includes providing detailed information about a chemical’s make-up and the latest scientific information on the effects of chemical exposures. When needed, ACC members also can help manufacturers identify opportunities for material reformulations or substitutions that won’t compromise the quality of the final product.

ACC recognizes Ethyl Corp. as 2021 Responsible Care® Company of the Year

ACC Congratulates Ethyl Corporation, Responsible Care Company of the Year for the seventh time in the past 10 years, for excellence in environmental, health, safety and security performance.

Product Safety Code

The Responsible Care® Product Safety Code was  developed by ACC and its member companies based on industry best practices to drive continuous improvement in chemical product safety.

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