The following Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) address concerns that Partner companies might have in implementing Responsible Care:

  1. How does the Responsible Care Program help Partner companies work more closely with customers in the chemical industry?

    When a prospective Partner submits its application, it is asked to name two ACC members as “sponsors.” Following review and approval by the ACC Board of Directors, the new Partner will work closely with its sponsors to implement Responsible Care.

    In addition, numerous activities throughout the year offer frequent contact with chemical industry customers. These activities include, but are not limited to: monthly conference calls; sector work group meetings, where members and Partners work closely and focus on common issues and interests; the annual Responsible Care Conference; the ACC Annual Meeting; and  interactive workshops held throughout the year.

  2. How can Partner companies implement the various elements of the Responsible Care program that are written for chemical manufacturers?

    Partner companies have unique performance metrics and supplemental certification guidance applicable to their supply chain sector, to clearly represent their business activities in the areas relevant to Responsible Care.

  3. Do Partner companies need to implement the Responsible Care Management System®? How will the Responsible Care Management System address Partner company industries?

    Partner companies need to implement the  Responsible Care Management System (either RCMS® or RC14001). The RCMS includes a general approach to environmental, health, safety and security management systems, and is therefore compatible with Partner company operations. To help Partner companies implement the RCMS, ACC has developed sector-specific guidance and technical questions, which Partners can use to supplement their certification process. Partner certification guidance documents are available on ACC’s Member Exchange Web site.

  4. Does the Responsible Care Security Code, and the benefits associated with its implementation, apply to Partners?

    Absolutely – Partner companies apply the same process to implementing the  Responsible Care Security Code within their operations as manufacturers do. New Partners should review the code elements and determine how they apply to their company and sector. Going forward, since the Security Code has been integrated into the management system technical specification, it is expected that most, if not all, of the code elements will apply to Partner companies. Implementing and maintaining the code qualify Partners to receive the same recognition as other companies that practice Responsible Care.


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