The American Chemistry Council (ACC) provides a number of services and resources to help member companies implement Responsible Care, to enhance their environmental, health, safety and security performance and discover new business opportunities. 

ACC delivers business value to its members through exceptional advocacy based on enhanced member performance, high quality scientific research, communications, effective participation in the political process, and a commitment to sustainable development through member contributions to economic, environmental and societal progress.

In addition, through implementation of the Responsible Care Security Code, which has been recognized by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) as a Qualified Anti-terrorism Technology, ACC members are provided with certain liability protections in the event of a terrorist action at their facilities.

ACC provides specific support to member companies to help them implement Responsible Care, including:

  • Pre-membership readiness assessments: An ACC staff member will work with a company from the beginning of the membership application process, assessing the extent to which a company is ready to implement Responsible Care and providing individualized support to the company through its Responsible Care journey.
  • Formal mentoring opportunities: ACC will partner newer companies with experienced “mentor” companies that can provide one-on-one guidance and share their knowledge about how to implement Responsible Care.
  • Access to regional support networks: ACC holds training workshops in regions across the country, addressing issues ranging from safety and security, product stewardship and legislative and regulatory priorities. These workshops offer an opportunity for companies to learn from experts in the field and each other on these and other important topics.
  • Benchmarking progress: Because ACC is committed to transparency, all member companies openly report their progress toward meeting key performance initiatives. Companies can compare their progress to other companies and the industry as a whole.

In addition, in 2010, ACC embarked on a new initiative to expand membership and enhance member value. This program provides additional incentive for smaller companies to join ACC by offering three years of dues relief to help them pay for Responsible Care implementation while providing them the benefits of ACC membership.

Responsible Care publications and merchandise may also be found in ACC's Store.

ACC Responsible Care staff members are available to assist ACC members and Responsible Care Partners with any questions that they have:


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