Through Responsible Care®, ACC member and Responsible Care Partner companies use a modern management system to track their progress in improving their EHS&S performance and in communicating their progress to key stakeholders. This page highlights company-specific data in the following areas:

Management System Certification
Community Outreach

Management System Certification

Responsible Care companies are committed to improving environmental, health, safety and security (EHS&S) performance. The  Responsible Care Management System® provides a structured framework to help companies assess their needs, set specific performance goals and share their progress in meeting these goals with the public.

Every Responsible Care company must certify that it has a management system in place and demonstrate progress toward improved performance. To obtain certification, companies undergo headquarters and facility audits conducted by independent, accredited auditing firms.


ACC member companies are encouraged to support companies that participate in the Responsible Care Partnership Program. Companies that distribute, transport, store, use, treat, dispose of or sell and market chemicals can take part in Responsible Care through the Partnership Program.

ACC implemented “Consideration of Responsible Care Partner Status” as a performance measure in 2008. The metric promotes use of a common EHS&S ethic throughout the chemical industry supply chain. In addition, tracking and reporting this metric helps to increase both the visibility and inherent value of partnerships within the supply chain.

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Community Outreach

Responsible Care companies engage in a number of community outreach and emergency preparedness activities to build strong working relationships with their local communities and other stakeholders. Some of these activities include participation in Community Advisory Panels, community surveys, open houses and web surveys.

To help prepare for an emergency, Responsible Care members conduct emergency response drills with the local fire departments and response teams. These outreach efforts will help the community better understand member company activities and allow companies to hear stakeholders’ concerns. Member companies began reporting their community outreach activities in 2008.


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